Welcome to the Avalon Sun Expo

This is the turning point for creating a sustainable future desired by humanity. We are bringing together various advanced technology solutions to provide clean water from wastewater, to grow food plentifully year-round almost anywhere in the world, and bring blockchain technology into retailers and consumer awareness, AI solutions to give AI Virtual Assistants the next generation tools to build their agency, or for businesses to advance their operations successfully.


This is the Expo that will bring relief as it expands into the outreaches of the world to provide the essential services and resources to power their city, bring fresh water to their village or town, or to break the barriers to problem-solving by leveraging AI on-demand.


Welcome to a Brighter Future brought to you by Avalan Research, LLC (The ARC), Perryman Technologies, LLC, Avalon AI Institute, Ignitor TV, NFT Galleria Art Museum, and more. 


Join the Evolution of the End of Pollution, the End of Power Loss, and the End of Lack of Water, and the End of Food Scarcity.


Thank you,


Scott Thompson

Chief Marketing Officer


Blockchain for Business Security, and for Financial Services.

Atmospheric Water Acquisition, and Waste Water Reclamation.

Pod Farming Technology


Wind Turbines Offer another Energy Generation Resource.

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